Greetings from Kentucky

Just a quick hello from Jeff, Kentucky where we are repairing homes with Appalachia Service Project ( Never underestimate the abilities or determination of teenagers.




Read this while I’m on vacation

If you happen to be reading this from June 16th – June 20th, 2014, I am on vacation. I happen to be in one of my favorite parts of the U.S. Jeff, Kentucky to be exact. Every June I go with my church youth group to repair homes in Appalachia with the organization Appalachia Service Project My first visit to Jeff was four years ago on this trip. This year we are going back and I hope to visit with the family we worked with then. Absolutely wonderful people there. It also happens to be beautiful in those mountains. I will post some photos when I get back.

So, for your reading pleasure while I am gone, please visit This is mind boggling that someone took such time and effort to put this book together.

Have a great week and I will be back at my computer as soon as the blisters from my wild and crazy construction skills have healed.

I love August!

In the many, many years that I have been doing this design/print thing, only one July has EVER been busy.  That one was a total fluke!  Now, granted, part of it is my fault.  I notify all my customers in May that I will be on vacation for one week in June.  So they all get their orders in before I go.  Then July comes and everyone else has gone on vacation.  The phone is quiet, the emails stop coming and I begin to feel like maybe there was an alien invasion and somehow I got left behind.

I plan for July (as best I can).  The filing gets caught up, the marketing plan revised, I quit eating.  You hear actors say that after they finish a movie they just know that they will never get another role.  That’s me.  Every July.

Awwww, but then August rolls in.  The aliens bring back my customers and all is right with the world again.  So right in fact,  that I am often working until 9 pm.  NO complaining here!  Food is good!

Break is over.  Gotta get back to work.  Love, love, love August.