Fun work

I’m back from vacation and digging my way through the piles of work on my desk. There was a time when I did almost more illustration work than design. Somewhere along the way the illustration work disappeared. From what I am seeing out there in the world it looks like illustration is making a comeback and it has found it’s way to my little corner of North Carolina. Here are some fun illustrations I did for the upcoming season at Kernersville Little Theatre.

Charlotte's Web

My Way

PJ Game

The Papers


Read this while I’m on vacation

If you happen to be reading this from June 16th – June 20th, 2014, I am on vacation. I happen to be in one of my favorite parts of the U.S. Jeff, Kentucky to be exact. Every June I go with my church youth group to repair homes in Appalachia with the organization Appalachia Service Project My first visit to Jeff was four years ago on this trip. This year we are going back and I hope to visit with the family we worked with then. Absolutely wonderful people there. It also happens to be beautiful in those mountains. I will post some photos when I get back.

So, for your reading pleasure while I am gone, please visit This is mind boggling that someone took such time and effort to put this book together.

Have a great week and I will be back at my computer as soon as the blisters from my wild and crazy construction skills have healed.