Brain Drain

“Learning never exhausts the mind.”

Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo, I beg to differ on this one.  I had one of those days yesterday that can only be described as “challenging”.  It wasn’t a bad day, but at the end of it, my brain was completely worn out.   Every cell of creativity, problem solving ability and focus was wiped out.  I have decided that Brain Drain tired is worse that physically tired.  I couldn’t even focus on a mediocre Netflix movie and finally gave up and went to bed.

So what exactly was I doing?  The first challenge not only was a self imposed project but a circumstantial one as well.  I have been a print designer for 25+ years.  I can almost design for putting ink on paper in my sleep.  When I was in college we didn’t even have computers much less the internet.  So I decided to start learning coding and web design.  Then, as often happens when you decide to do something,  the opportunity presents itself.

I have a non-profit that now has me updating their website.  I haven’t had to do the design, but I am having to learn the coding and how it all fits together.  Let’s just say that this process is building new neuron links in my brain as I learn to link things in a website.  The learning process, as much as I love to learn new things, is challenging and frustrating.  I do have to admit that by the time I was done with the updates yesterday I was feeling much more accomplished than I had the day before.  Those fledgling neurons had started connecting.

My next challenge was actually two separate jobs where I had to fix artwork.  I spend an enormous amount of my time doing this.  If you happen to not be a designer who is reading this…PLEASE don’t set up your artwork in Power Point!  It took me three different tries to finally get the art to the point where it could be printed.  I would think I had it fixed and in the pre-press run some other crazy thing would show up.

The next art problem I ran into was different.  It was a logo that  was actually done very well by another designer.  The problem happened when I tried to drop the logo onto a black background.  Full size it was perfect, but every time I reduced it to fit on a business card a white background appeared.  Then when I tried to remove the white background, part of the logo disappeared.   Eventually I got it fixed, but it took some brain power to think of a way to resolve the issue all the while having emails and calls coming in from the client wanting to know when the cards would be ready.  No pressure at all!

So far today has been better.  I think my brain muscle needs a day off anyway, just like a rest between workouts.  I think it might even be sore 😉


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