Do you think these are problems?

I was reading this post and it made me do some thinking.  Let me know your thoughts on this list.  Here are mine.  Oh, and this is going to take awhile so I have made them into six separate posts so you don’t have to read SO much at one time.  Like we have time for that anymore.  That’s another whole post for the future.

Good artists copy, great artists steal.  Pablo Picasso

1. Integrity – Personally the ability to share and see other designer’s work has been a lifesaver for me in the past few years.  I’m from the dark ages of pre-internet and remember the days of flipping through Print and Communication Arts magazines trying to jump start my poor brain with a serious deadline breathing down my neck.

I live and work in a small town and without the internet would not get the opportunity to see what the trends are to even know they are out there.  Pinterest and Behance are my main sources of new design work right now.   Pure plagiarism is wrong.  Give credit where credit is due, absolutely.   I think plagiarism is what Picasso meant by “copy” and what he meant by “steal” was to take someone’s idea and put your own twist on it to make it yours.  I think that is what most designers do when they get a spark of inspiration from looking at someone else’s work.  There is also a rare phenomenon where two people have the exact same idea  in different places. I have had that happen to me once in my 25 year career.  It’s weird, but it happens.

Most of my work has centered on small businesses with limited marketing budgets who still want to look good.   More than once I have had a client hand me a printed piece and want me to recreate it with their logo on it.  Each time I explain to them that I don’t copy someone else’s work and that we can all get in trouble for that sort of thing.  After the explanation they are very willing to let me create something with the same “feel” .  Many times people just don’t understand what we do as designers or that creativity does have some legal standing in the world.

Integrity is doing your own work using your own brain, doing what you said you would do to the best of your ability and being fair and honest in your dealings, business or personal.



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